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Dennis & Sue Bible

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Dennis & Sue Bible, Married 55+ years.

2 Children, 6 Grandchildren

GWRRA Members since 1999

Both Master Tour Riders

Past Alaska Chapter AK-P Charter Members & Chapter Directors (twice)

Past Alaska District Directors for 3 years

Members of Georgia Chapter GA-J since 2012 and current Chapter Couple of the Year

Lived in Soldotna, Alaska, from 1972 thru 2012 (40 years)

Live now in Blairsville, Georgia, since 2012 (6 years)

We've owned 6 Goldwings. Ridden over 300,000 miles

Currently riding a new 2018 White Goldwing Tour, Manual Transmission

Sue and I started out dating on a Lambretta motor scooter when we were teenagers in Southern California. After we married in 1962, we bought a 1959 Triumph 650 TR6 and rode it around those Mojave Desert highways and back roads until raising our family took over.

Moving to Alaska in 1972, we were more interested in riding snowmobiles and flying bush planes for several years until I discovered a 1983 1100 Goldwing in 1999. Wow! That was a sweet ride! Sue wasn't interested and wouldn't ride with me until she saw me packing a picnic lunch for a ride to a State Park overlooking the Cook Inlet and the mountains and glaciers. That got her on the bike and she's enjoyed riding with me ever since.

Later that year we were invited to help charter a new GWRRA Chapter (AK-P) in Soldotna, Alaska. We have served there as Chapter Directors a few times including a 3 year stint as Alaska District Directors.

We started coming to Maggie Valley to ride with friends about 2009 and one day, on a side trip through Blairsville, Sue, "out of the blue" said "I want to live here"! Within a year we had bought a home in Blairsville and moved here. We immediately joined up with the folks in Georgia Chapter GA-J and felt right at home!

GWRRA has changed our lives in more ways than we can tell you. We are here because of GWRRA! We"ve owned 6 Goldwings and are currently getting used to a new 2018 White Goldwing Tour. We look forward to many more miles and adventures with our GWRRA family!

Dennis & Sue Bible

Chapter GA-J 2018 COY