Classified Page Rules:
Advertisements or want ads are free to current GWRRA members only.
Only motorcycle related items will be posted on this site.
Listings are available for member personal sales only, no commercial or business items.
Listings will stay on the site no more than 30 days.
Listings over 30 days old will be removed.
Listings will be a Date Chronological order only.

Questions regarding this site should be directed to

How to submit an advertisement:
Send an email (No verbal or phone listings accepted) to including the following information.

Photo of Item
Contact info, (name, phone number and/or email address.
Include the following info (for Webmaster use only-not to be published)
o Member Number
o Full Name
o Home Mailing Address
o Telephone Number (Both Home and Cell)
o Chapter Info

Georgia Chapter J reserves the right to refuse a submission if deemed inappropriate or insufficient information is provided. By submitting advertisements to this website for publication, the seller agrees to follow-up with the Georgia Chapter J Webmaster ( ) to advise if/when the item is sold or to request the advertisement be extended another 30 days. Sellers will promptly respond to inquiries on their item when contacted by prospective buyers. Any seller using this site in an unethical manner shall be banned from future advertising on this site.

Chapter J, any member not listing the item, any Officer, or the Webmaster will not be responsible for the accuracy of any ad, the condition of any item that is for sale or is sold, the pricing, the delivery of items or any misprints. All contact and negotiations are to be directly with the listing party.

This page last modified on Wednesday, November 01, 2017

This page last modified on Wednesday, November 01, 2017